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Some of our members, Dr. Tapas Pradhan, Ranjit Dasgupta, Gopal Kundu, Utpal and Madhuchhanda Mukhopadhyay visited Calcutta and established contacts with some key persons in the various departments of the College. When Dr. R N. Basu, Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta and Dr. J. Mondal from the Department of Psychology visited Washington D.C., Tarak Bhar met them and informed them of our initiative. Dr. Basu expressed appreciation on our efforts.


CUSCAA and its members have sent the following books and computer software to the Science College.


1. An introduction to Ouantum Field Theory by Peskin and Schroeder
2. Elements of X-ray Crystallography by L. Azaroff.


1. Visual C++ for Windows 3.1
2. Visual Basic for Windows 3.1
(The above two were sent by our members Sunanda and Santimoy Basu)

3. Matlab for DOS 6.2/Windows 3.1
4. Labvlew for Everyone - Graphical Programming
(The above two were sent by member Tarak Bhar)

We have received a letter of appreciation from the Head of the Department of Physics and the Director, Computer Center, University of Calcutta, acknowledging the receipt of the books and the software.



We are proud to announce that our members Dr. Sunanda and Dr. Santimoy Basu donated

4 Pentium computers to the Computer Center of the University.

Sri. T. K. Mukherjee, Registrar, acknowledged the receipt and thanked the members profusely.

Dr. Sunanda Basu Presenting 4 Pentium Computers


We ended last year’s annual meeting with the resolution that we will institute CUSCAA awards for the students who stood first in B.Sc. (Hons.) and are pursuing M.Sc. at the Science College. Considering our resource constraint it was decided that we will select 3 to 4 subjects / departments every year on a rotational basis.

Members Ranjit Dasgupta and Madhuchhanda Mukhopadhyay took the initiative to establish contact with the departments of Chemistry, Botany and Zoology and formally got the names of the three students of our alma mater who will be the first recipients of the CUSCAA awards; the respective departments at some formal ceremony will present the awards.


CUSCAA and its members have sent the following books to the Science College:

Member Tarak Bhar donated the following books to the Department of Applied Physics:

1. Electric Circuits, James W. Nilsson & Susan A. Ridel, 1996.

2. Signals and Systems, Alan V Oppenheim & Alan S. Willsky, 1997.



Three of our members paid a visit to the Science College this year. Tarak Bhar went in the beginning of the year. He took the opportunity of meeting his peers at the Department of Physics to discuss matters of mutual interest. He also donated the two books that our friends at the University had shown interest in. These were: (1) "Solid state electronic devices" by Ben J. Streetman – published by Prentice Hall and (2) Logic and computer design fundamentals" by M. Morris Mano and Charles R. Kime – published by Prentice Hall.

Tarak Bhar presenting the award

Ranjit Dasgupta and Dilip Som also visited the Science College in the month of October. They managed to meet Mr. Ashoke Thakur of the department of Biophysics, who expressed thanks for the computers that the Basu family had donated last year. They tried to impress upon their peers the need to maintain contact with CUSCAA on a regular basis. They also got the names of the students who would be eligible for CUSCAA award this year in chemistry.

Atin Datta and Madhuchhanda Mukhopadhyay went to the university in summer this year and met their peers in the department of Botany.

Finally, Mridul Pathak – an alumni of the Science College, currently of New York and connected with the famous Internet magazine visited the college and at our request established contact with the department of Geology there. We hope that over time this relationship will grow into something productive. Mridul has promised to help us in spreading the message of our activities among the alumni living in other cities of Canada and US.

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